We bring you delicious Nigerian cuisine in a fast and almost-ready to eat packaged meal. Sinachi's Instant Nigerian Foods are unit bags that have been tested and proven to provide the ease, taste, and confidence in cooking for all users.

We understand the tedious and long preparatory hours it takes to have delicious Nigerian cuisine at the table; the difficulty finding the right ingredients, knowing the right amount of combinations and the long processes involved in preparing these meals.

Sinachi has assembled assorted ingredients in a perfect combination to bring to you a delicious meal. However, if you prefer to include meat in your meal, you may add precooked meat so that your food will be ready in minutes.

Whether you are looking for great taste or looking to save time in the kitchen, it is our desire to satisfy all of your cooking needs. We are also mindful of your health. We bring you heart healthy foods with minimal fat and no preservatives. We are grateful for your purchase and hope you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoyed making them.